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Is The Hybrid Cocktail Shaker Really Leak-Free?Updated 3 months ago

Yes; the Elevated Craft Hybrid Cocktail Shaker is absolutely leak free!

If you ever experience a leak while using your Hybrid Cocktail Shaker, it is because you are either missing one of the gaskets, or one of the two gaskets is damaged. Be sure to confirm both the small and large gaskets are in place, properly installed, and don’t have any tears or holes.

Small gasket seated inside the shaker lid. Notice the smooth side is facing up and the tab rests flush on top of the center bump out:

Large gasket installed around the measuring cup:

Need to replace a missing gasket? Never fear! You can order them directly from our website here:

Hybrid Shaker Small Lid Gasket Kit

Large Gasket Replacement Kit

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